NewGen Brings Together the Right Talent with the Right Technology to Solve Tough Challenges

For twenty years, NewGen has worked at the intersection of technology and talent, delivering solutions that transform business processes and solve problems of national significance.

Our Expertise

NewGen has specialists you need to meet your evolving business objectives and workforce demands.

Workforce Solutions

We adapt and evolve with your business. We create customized offerings and can match you with an individual consultant, build entire project teams, and provide strategic and tactical proposal support.

Curated Talent

We’ve spent the past 20 years curating and nurturing our community of specialists. NewGen will match you with strategic thinkers, who are dedicated to their craft and know your industry inside and out. Our community has grown organically with referrals from both our clients and our talent.

Unearth Hidden Talent

Rapidly-deploy a technical SME for travel. NewGen’s next generation engagement and employment models, give you access to the most-qualified consultants, many of whom eschew direct-hire roles, preferring “freelance” engagements.

Investment Protection

Our rigorous screening, selection and verification process ensure you end up with the best fit for you while saving you time and money. We verify credentials and existing clearances, conduct background checks and determine clearance suitability.

Consulting Services

NewGen’s technical specialists are our greatest asset.

They blend industry expertise, technical savvy and a passion for customer success to analyze your problems and create tailored solutions.

We have helped secure our nation’s borders, used artificial intelligent (AI) to further the fight against terror and aided the identification of criminals and prevention of crime through the introduction of biometrics.

Our agile approach and on-demand business models give you access to the NewGen experts you need as you need them.

Systems Services

NewGen designs, builds, and manages IT systems that are tailored to meet unique mission and business requirements.

We have built systems from scratch, woven emerging technologies into legacy systems and helped our clients unlock the full value of their enterprise applications.

NewGen works across the entire system lifecycle to deliver scalable, secure and customized physical, virtual and cloud solutions.

Leverage our expertise in enterprise architecture, security, delivery, infrastructure and integration and bring your NewGen system to life.

Software Services

Our comprehensive software services include custom creation, application integration and existing tool enhancement.

With fluency in most languages and expertise in Open Source, Java and Microsoft.Net, we deliver solutions that unlock the full potential of your data and your technology investments.

Tap into our 20 years of experience building enterprise level applications for public and private sector clients to make your NewGen tools a reality.

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Talent + Technology Solutions

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